Christoph Hochmüller

Get into the nature and feel the wind in the face. Get up on the mountains, off into the forest and experience the feeling of freedom. Full-throttle and pushing the body to peak performance - mountain biking. Christoph Hochmüller about his sport and the feeling of success.


Why mountainbiking?
It's just cool! I love to be in nature and I feel free thanks to my sport. Mountain biking gives you the opportunity to trancend your limits and a feeling of happiness when you have reached a new best time at a race or launched a challenge.

How to you prepare for a race?
Preparation is very intense. This means hard interval training for about 15 hours a week. Through this time I´m struggling", extended to total exhaustion and pushing my body to new limits.

How do you motivate yourself in this training phase?
I focus on my aims like the World Championship qualification. I know the race is going to be tough and I need to be prepared for it. In addition to the competition, I have another bonus that motivates me every day: I love my sport and I really enjoy it.

What kind of thoughts are in your mind just bevor your race?
Trying to think tactically. That means, to focus on my speed and to save my energy well. I want to start slowly and get faster at the end!

The moment when you cross the finish line- how does it feel?
Crossing the finish line and realizing that I have reached a new best time is just indescribable! At that moment, I know that it was worth it. Hard work and training have been worth it. Getting admiration and respect from your rivals is a great feeling besides.

What would you like to recommend others? Why is it worth it to do this sport?
I would recommend mountain biking to all naturalists who want to push themselves to top performance and concentration.If you are diverted for a second you will risk a fall. Besides, mountain bikers are like a big family and treat each other for success.

Why is it YOUR sport?
Because it’s an awesome sport. It is a kind of lifestyle and mentality that you have to feel. As you already mentioned : Because it is MY sport.