Dominik Unger

Professional swimmer Dominik Unger only has one goal in mind: Olympia. For Achieving his goal he needs: Hard training, motivated by pure passion. This is his story.

Why swimming?
I swim since tender years and I have dedicated my whole life to this sport. All this effort for one goal: I want to get faster and better. I want to break records. In short: I want "Olympia"!

You have set yourself a high aim. How do you want to succed?
Focusing on my passion . Of course also, hard training sessions belong to it. I train between 25 and 30 hours a week. Obviously as a swimmer you not only need endurance but also powerful arms, this means for me asstitional strength training two or three times a week.

On which swimming styles do you focus on ?
My strengths are freestyle and fin swimming. I focus on them!

How do you motivate yourself at hard training phases to always give your best?
Actually, it´s not always easy to jump into the cold water every day at 7:00 am. But I feel like new born after every training session and am fit for the day. When my body hurts and I have to fight for every meter, I try to see my training sessions as a test - as a test I have to pass.

Beside your physical training, are you also preparing mentally for your competition?
Before a competition, I focus on my aims. Consider how I could win time and visualize the competition. I'm nervous but I'm trying to provoke the emotion: How does it feel to gain a victory?

How does victory feel?
The moment when I strike and realise that I swam a perfect time, motivates me to give my best every day. I´m feeling the sense of freedom and I´m full of energy ,it feels like I could swim the next contest.

What kind of thoughts are in your mind just bevor you start?
The tension totally fades. I am focused, activated and I am full of energy. I also get motivation through saying: "I can do that. I will make it!"

Do you have a personal ritual before you start?Yes indeed! I knock against the jump top with my right leg and hit against my chest with my fist.

Would you recommend others to do this sport? If yes why?
Absolutely! Swimming energizes me to physical fitness, and also to mental strength. You need concentration and endurance. Besides it is a perfect balance to everyday life, and by the way one of the few sports that do not depend on the weather.