Julia Forcher

Climbing is varient – you feel free and one with nature, you get stronger and there is always a thrill. Climbing is certainly not boring, thinks Julia Forcher sport climber.


Of all things why climbing?Climbing is multi variant and always different“ Climibing not only trains legs, arms and hands, but is also a mental traininig. In addition to the right technique, you also need ambition!Surely you need to be an adrenaline junkie to love climbing.

If you are planning a new route, you have to prepare yourself physically as well as mentally! What does a typical training look like? Basically when you climb you are always in training.There are no breaks.

How do you prepare mentally?

It all begins when I face the wall of rock. Thoughts like “ Where can I hook in “ or “Where do I stand safely” are usual for that moment. In front of the wall however you have to deal with other thoughts and emotions like :uncertainty and the fear of a fall. You just don´t know what comes next, because every climbing tour is different.

You mentioned that the feeling of fear resonates. Why do you climb despite fear and how do you deal with it?
Fear is always a part of it. It´s important and my constant companion. Through that, I am more cautious, alert, and attentive. Without fear, mistakes would happen. You have to learn to handle your fear and not to work against it. The most important requirement for rope climbing is the right partner. I have to trust him 100%. He holds my life in his hands.

How does it feel when you are on the rock and you don´t know what to do next, or the risk of falling is given?
As soon as you climb you have to be aware that you are alone with the wall. In this situation I know that there is only me and the rock. The only person who can save my life from a difficult situation is myself. Everything depends on me and my next step. In such situations you have to force yourself to overcome your boundaries and transend your limits. You can feel the thrill and the tension You have to deal with this situation.

How does it feel to overcome a critical moment and finally arrive at the destination?
First of all I fell totally reliefed. I just think, "I did it!". At that moment, I'm just proud of myself. It's a crazy feeling.

Would you recommend others to climb?
That´s not possible. Climbing is a passion. It´s a sense of life and a you have to love the risk.