Payment methods

If you choose to pay with PayPal, you will be directly forwarded to the provider

As a PayPal customer you can easily transfer your payment with your e-mail address and the associated password.

With PayPal you do not have to enter any personal financial data while shopping. You can pay withyour bank account or credit card - easy, fast, and secure.

Usually we receive your payment within an extremly short time. As soon as the payment has been transferred to our account we will process your order.

Prepayment/Payment in advance
The advantage of prepayment is that you do not have to pass on bank details and you can decide yourself when you settle payment. If you use this kind of payment method, please consider that it takes a few business days until we receive your money. We will inform you immediately as soon as your shipment is on the way 

We can prepare your order for shipment even before we receive your payment. Just send us a payment confirmation.

We accept following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard

The advantage of paying by credit card is that your account will only be charged after submitting the order. Furthermore, the amount will not be debited from your account until the next month.

Instant bank transfer/Immediate payment
Another option would be the payment via immediate payment.This is an online payment system where you can make cashless payments

When using the immediate payment method you will be directly forwarded to your bank provider and you can enter your bank details.

In the case of a return, the money will be refunded to you after the receipt of returned goods.

We can prepare your order for shipping even before your payment reaches us is. Just send us a payment confirmation.